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At we create a friendly and trusted marketplace for quality food producers, changemakers, artists, crafters, creatives and writers to do business online.  We take care of the details while you get to be the creative, productive genius you are.

What does this mean?  We help you turn your message, idea, image or art into a quality-crafted piece that you sell in your own boutique on our site.  The good news is that we do all of the work and you take none of the usual risks.

Through Infinite Outfitters, Dave Dinwiddie offers a complete branding, communications, merchandising and marketing service firm whose sole mandate is getting you more strongly and more tangibly engaged with your customers, fans and followers.


Now more than ever, customers and followers want access to the best products and appreciate uniqueness and innovation whether from far flung places or in the next town over.  

And now, as in the past, customers want to know exactly  what they are getting and who they are getting it from.  The product’s story and meaning matter as much as the mind and hands it came from.

We create a kind of neighborhood shopping experience where you build relationships with others who craft with integrity and with the customers who want a “shop local” experience.