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Welcome to Infinite Outfitters.  Our aim is to connect you to the stuff and the people you want in your life.  We believe that you will love what you see, feel connected and cared for and that you’ll feel fantastic about spending your money in a way that matters.

Why is it important to us that you’re happy?  Quite simply, we give a hoot. We care about our customers, our vendors and their products. From non-profits to honey producers to poetry-on-pillows producers, we make it easy for our clients to reach you and for YOU to be really happy with your purchase.

Take #12ActsOfKindness; we are reaching millions of fans of Positive Focus… encouraging the good people of this beautiful planet to show how much they care through their acts of kindness. With our t-shirts, you get to show your support for the kindness movement.  This campaign brings us a little closer during the coldest, darkest time in the northern hemisphere. 

It’s heart-warming to know that so many of you are joining us in spreading joy. is proud to be partnered with Carol Miller in her quest to bring positivity, love and kindness to millions. 

We’re just getting launched and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store next.             .